The Long-Term Effects of a TBI – What You Need to Know

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Much is still unknown about the human brain and how trauma affects it. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be either mild or severe. One example of a mild TBI is a concussion, and symptoms may fade with bed rest and proper recuperation. However, severe TBIs involve a loss of consciousness for a significant amount of time (a victim may be in a coma state for 6 hours longer). For severe TBIs, the symptoms are often serious, and could be permanent.

What are the long-term effects of a TBI?

  1. Cognitive: Memory loss, also known as amnesia, is a common symptom of a TBI. While it could be temporarily caused by pressure and swelling around the brain, sometimes the memory loss is permanent. Impaired cognitive function, including the loss of ability to think or speak, could also be long-term problems that will pose serious challenges for the patient.
  2. Physical: Victims of a TBI may experience partial loss of function in the arms or legs. While head injuries or other trauma from the initial incident could heal in a matter of months, the patient may suffer permanent physical limitations. Physical therapy may be used to help the patient regain strength and coordination.
  3. Emotional: TBIs are known to cause emotional disorders and mood swings. For example, some patients who were known to be cheerful and carefree became anxious, irritated, and depressed after sustaining a TBI. These changes in mood and social behaviors could be temporary, but they may also be permanent, requiring long-term counseling and therapy.

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