What Not to Do After a Car Accident

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Most people know what they should do if they get into a car accident: collect the other driver’s information, take pictures, find witnesses, and so on. What you might not know is what you shouldn’t do after a car accident. It is a sad reality that doing some of these things can prevent you from receiving the compensation you need for property damages or injuries.

Our Bryan personal injury attorney shares what you should avoid doing in order to protect your right to financial restitution.

Don’t Apologize

You might feel rude not saying “sorry,” but it is in your best interest to avoid apologizing after an accident. Even if you and the other driver can both acknowledge that you were not responsible for the accident, apologizing at any time could be perceived as admitting fault or guilt. Insurance companies could take that admittance against you when you try to seek compensation.

Don’t Hit and Run

Getting into an accident can be incredibly nerve-wracking and stressful. You may instinctually want to speed away from the scene, but don’t! Even if you were not liable for the accident, you could face criminal charges for a hit and run if you flee away. Fight the “flight” instinct, pull over, and collect the information from the other driver.

Don’t Lie About Prescriptions

If you were taking prescription medication at the time of the accident, don’t lie about it. Sometimes, you are required to take a drug test after an accident, and if the results show that you lied, your case could be weakened.

Don’t Forget the Police

The police play an important role in the car accident process. Many insurance companies will ask for a police report to support your claim. If a police officer writes a report that supports that you were not liable or writes the other driver a ticket for negligent or illegal driving practices, the insurance companies will be more likely to grant you the compensation you need.

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