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With offices in Houston and College Station, our firm is a specialized “boutique” practice.

We focus on three specific areas of law:  Serious injury, Civil Trial, and Family Law.

Areas of Law

Serious Injury

We provide compassionate support for serious injury cases, fighting relentlessly to secure your rights and rightful compensation.

Civil Trial

With vast experience in civil trials, we ensure justice prevails through skillful representation and unwavering dedication.

Family Law

In family law matters, our dedicated advocacy is focused on protecting your interests and guiding you through the legal process with care.

Affordable Fee Structures

The thought of incurring legal fees can be daunting and overwhelming. We understand in today’s economy how precious every dollar can be.  Our goal is to provide compassionate, superior, results-oriented legal services at an affordable and reasonable cost.

We offer a variety of affordable fee structures, depending upon the nature, complexity, and demands of your case. Our fee structures include contingency, hybrid, and hourly arrangements.

Typically, these types of cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that the client does not pay any fees or litigation costs unless a recovery is obtained. The fees are calculated as a percentage of the recovery. Litigation costs are deducted from the recovery after calculation of fees.

Generally, attorney fees for civil litigation cases are charged on an hourly basis, but sometimes allow for a hybrid reduced contingency-reduced hourly fee structure. A retainer may be required in order to secure the firms’ services. The hourly rate and retainer amount are affected by various case-specific factors. Allow us to review your particular needs.

Family law cases are handled on an hourly fee basis, with a careful eye towards client resources and an effort to achieve resolution in the most economical way. A retainer is customary to retain the firms’ services and to begin work, and ordinarily must be replenished as work is billed against it through the pendency of the case.

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