Waltman & Grisham Donates to Elderly Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey caused widespread devastation that left so many people without necessary, day-to-day supplies. If there is one thing that remains true about Texas, it is that we band together and help another out during times of need. Communities across the state started gathering emergency supplies for those most impacted by the hurricane. While we were helping out, our team of Bryan, Texas personal injury attorneys at Waltman & Grisham Attorneys at Law noticed that most of the products being donated were geared towards helping families with children. Of course, this is incredible and everyone who donated or volunteered deserves heartfelt thanks, but we started to get concerned that people were not thinking about how Hurricane Harvey impacted the elderly. After all, many elders need help caring for themselves and completing everyday tasks similarly to young children. Without the right supplies and products, an elder’s life could become unreasonably uncomfortable. We took it upon ourselves to start putting together bags and boxes with products suited specifically for elders. The donation kits we put together contained a myriad of elder-related supplies, such as:

  • Reading glasses
  • Adult diapers
  • Denture cream
  • Skin moisturizing lotion
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Cozy socks
  • Ensure® nutritional shakes for adults and elders
  • And much more

Once again, we want to thank everyone who helped make our charitable efforts possible. From all of our own team members to all the rest who donated and volunteered, you have proven once again that Texas is stronger than any natural disaster when we all come together. For more information about Waltman & Grisham Attorneys at Law, or if you need the help of our personal injury attorneys in Bryan, Texas for a claim or case of your own, contact our team at any time. We are always happy to talk to new and returning clients.