Preventing Child Bicycle Accidents

Many children throughout the United States love to ride their bicycles. Unfortunately, many of them are unaware of the possible dangers correlated with biking unless their parents teach them about riding safety. If your child is learning how to ride a bicycle, share the following safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries:

  1. Wear a firmly-fitted helmet every time you get on the bicycle. Adjust the straps to ensure your child’s helmet fits snugly.
  2. Wear other protective gear. Elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves are not mandatory, but they protect your child from serious harm if a riding mishap occurs.
  3. Wear proper clothing. Reflective and light colored clothing makes it easier for motorists and pedestrians to see your child.
  4. Make sure the bicycle is in good condition. Check the tires, chains, brakes, and handlebars to ensure that they are in working order.
  5. Make sure the bicycle is the right size for your child. If your child cannot balance the bike with his or her toes while sitting on the seat, it is too high. Adjust the seat accordingly or ride a different bike that fits well.
  6. Stay in a single file line while riding with others. If there is no bicycle path, riding next to other cyclists can take up space on the road that could be used by motor vehicles and pedestrians.
  7. Walk bikes across intersections. Riding a bicycle through intersections can leave your child vulnerable to reckless motorists.

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