How to Avoid Reckless Drivers

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Texas traffic is no joke. With annoying driving conditions such as these, aggressive driving occurs more frequently. Unfortunately, this type of driving results in many accidents every year, so it is imperative to be constantly aware of aggressive road behavior before you get hurt.

The following are tips to avoid reckless drivers:

  1. Maintain focus and concentration. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. Cellphones, the radio, make-up, and other passengers are a few distractions that can reduce your alertness and decrease your reaction time substantially. Always be aware of aggressive driving by avoiding distractions.
  2. Do not tailgate. If the car in front of you drives slowly, you may tend to tailgate in order to let the driver know to speed up or get out of the way. However, you must leave an adequate amount of space between vehicles. If the other driver slams on their brakes and causes you to crash into him, the fault will likely be yours. As a general rule, make sure that you can at least see the tires of the vehicle ahead of you.
  3. Avoid speeding. The speed limits are created and enforced for a reason, which is to keep everyone who uses the public roads and highways safe. However, many motorists tend to speed a few miles over the limit, while others blatantly disregard the laws altogether. Speeding is a contributing factor in over a third of all car crashes. The faster you go, the less time you have to react to an unexpected incident.
  4. Do not forget to signal. You must always let everyone around you know about your intents when driving, and signaling is an easy way to do so. If two cars happen to enter the same lane at the same time, without a signal, such actions can result in a serious accident – especially if an aggressive driver enters the lane.
  5. Stay away from aggressive drivers. Due to the traffic conditions in Myrtle Beach, we tend to get aggravated when someone speeds by or cuts us off. Alas, maintaining a safe distance from aggressive drivers is the safest thing you can do in these situations.
  6. Maintain a clean environment. While your vehicle doesn’t have to be shiny and spotless, throw away any junk or trash that you have in your vehicle. What if a water bottle slides under the brake, preventing you from stopping?
  7. Be mindful. If someone is speeding or appears to be desperate to get somewhere, be considerate and move out of their way. Being polite to those around you ensure your safety, as well as theirs.

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