Road Trip Safety During Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip. Whether you are driving a few hours to see a relative, or you are going on an out-of-state excursion, it is important to use caution and prepare for your trip. During summer, more people are on the road, putting you at greater risk for an accident. That is why it is important to take steps to increase your safety, especially when driving long distances.

Here Are 4 Ways to Increase Your Safety While Taking a Road Trip This Summer:

1. Get Your Car Serviced

Even if you have a fairly new car, it is important to get it inspected and maintained before a long road trip. You should check the tire tread, rotate the tires, change the oil, and check all fluid levels to ensure your car is fully functional. In addition, you should check the spare tire to ensure it is ready to use, and replace your windshield wipers so you can have good visibility in case of a summer storm.

2. Plan Your Route

Before you head out, make sure to plan your route and print out directions. That way, even if your GPS or cell phone loses signal somewhere along the road, you will still know how to get to your destination. If possible, plan to stay in a hotel every night. While it may be tempting to drive through the night to reach your destination, this is dangerous. Drowsy driving is responsible for thousands of accidents each year. In order to avoid drowsy driving, you need to get plenty of sleep, and take turns driving with other passengers.

3. Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive driving habits include keeping a good distance between your car and the cars around you, obeying all federal and state traffic laws, using turn signals properly, and maintaining a safe speed. When driving through rain, fog, or other inclement weather, it is important to use your headlights and to drive 5-10 miles per hour under the posted speed limit. Furthermore, you should avoid hovering in the blind spots of cars and commercial trucks.

4. Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is very dangerous. While driving, you need to keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and your mind focused at all times. This will help you remain alert and aware of your surroundings, which can increase your safety on the road. You should also let a passenger check your phone, adjust A/C and radio controls, and do other tasks so you can stay focused on driving. If you have been injured in a car accident, Waltman & Grisham Attorneys at Law is here to help. We have guided countless clients to successful outcomes in personal injury cases. Whatever your situation, our Bryan car accident attorneys will conduct an investigation and help you file a claim against those responsible. Call our office today at (979) 227-4888 to receive a free consultation.