Holiday Travel Safety Tips

During the holidays, you may be traveling out of town to visit friends and relatives. While road trips can be exciting and fun, they can also be dangerous. It is important to adequately prepare before starting out, and to exercise caution while on the road. Here are some safety tips to help avoid an accident while traveling this holiday season:

  1. Pay attention to the weather. Poor weather is a major contributing factor to traffic accidents. If it is raining, sleeting, snowing, or excessively windy, you should travel at 5-10 miles per hour under the speed limit, and use your headlights appropriately. Do not use your bright lights in fog, as they will create glare and make your visibility worse. Before you start your trip, check the weather, replace your windshield wipers, and take along tire chains if necessary.
  2. Get plenty of rest. Drowsy driving is very dangerous, especially if you are driving on the highway for long hours at a time or through the night. If you are traveling for more than a few hours or for multiple days, have your passengers take turns driving. You should also make hotel reservations along the way.
  3. Avoid distractions. Distractions take your mind off of driving, your eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel. Before starting the drive, appoint a passenger to help navigate with a reliable GPS, and avoid checking your phone or fiddling with the A/C or radio controls. If you need to take your attention off the road, you can safely pull over or have a passenger handle it for you.

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